SmartCopilot 2.0 beta released!

The first beta version of SmartCopilot 2.0 released. Please download and try it with your friends. No additional costs for update – just copy your existing license file to the plugin folder and rename it to smartcopilot2.key! Sorry for Mac and Linux users – this is only a Windows x64 build now.

What’s new in SmartCopilot 2.0:

  • totally new network stack for robust telecommunication
  • optional UPnP support for automatic port forwarding
  • only one UDP port for communication (instead of TCP and UDP in old versions)
  • possibility to select local network interface for experts
  • more information about communication performance on the screen (ping, data loss etc.) 
  • future possibility to work with own game server and network (currently not realized)

Changes to the old version:

  • string (byte array) datarefs no longer require own STRINGS section. They could be used directly in TRIGGERS, CONTINUED and SEND_BACK
  • only first user should start connection. The second pilot must wait for connection request dialog and allow it (connection could be started as a Master or a Slave)
  • plugin in DEMO mode is no more time limited. It could be connected to the PRO or even another DEMO user – however only one user will be able to send manipulators and commands. The DEMO user will fly like an observer only 


  • version 2 can be used together with the old version on the same X-Plane instance. But only one version can be active at one time. Not used plugin could be disabled via PluginAdmin
  • only one version of plugin should be in the plugin folder
  • SmartCopilot 2.0 works only with SmartCopilot version 2.0
  • copy your license file to the new plugin folder and rename it to smartcopilot2.key
  • you will need to create your connections again – the settings files are different for both versions of plugin
  • to make sure one configuration file works for both version of plugin copy (not move) datarefs from STRINGS to TRIGGERS if any exists
  • to use UPnP ensure your home router supports this function and it is enabled (by default UPnP is disabled for security reasons) 
  • to start logging developer data just set “Logging”: {“Level”} value to 1 in the plugin settings file
  • no more Visual C++ Redistributable required

On first start:

  • open Setup menu and press Start button to start networking
  • select Autostart to start networking automatically on every X-Plane start
  • select UPnP option if necessary
  • go to Direct Connections menu and add your friend data
  • press Connect only from one pilot
  • Ready!







Please write all found bugs, feature requests and reviews at forum. At first we want to concentrate on the connection experience and UPnP option. The new info panel has a more precise information about connection performance.